Minion #2 – Wood Toy

Just when you thought it was over, here’s a bonus #weeklytoyproject!

When one of my friends requested a wooden minion for herself, I created this little guy. If the other minion was “Stuart“, I guess this one is “Phil” (or is the other one Phil and this one Stuart?). Nevertheless,  Phil’s a bit sillier than Stuart since he’s got the middle part hairstyle going, a wagging tongue, and is also holding a daffodil flower. Similarly, he was laser cut from wood, then hand assembled and painted, and stands about 3.5″ tall. I have still yet to watch Despicable Me 2, but will hopefully catch it on DVD soon.

Stuart and Phil were able to meet up before Phil departed for his new home, and lots of laughter ensued. Should I create a series of “Woodions” as a production release?

Minion – Wood Toy

Is anyone excited to watch Despicable Me 2? Since the new movie comes out next week, I figured creating a wood toy of one of the popular minion characters would be fun to do. Here is Stuart, standing at about 3.5″ tall. Has anyone figured out what these minions really are? Also, if you haven’t seen the Minion Blimp in the sky overhead, go and check it up.

The Despicable Me website also hosts a fan art submission, so look for this guy on there as well.