Switzerland Flag Wood Panel


My wife’s cousin wanted some new artwork for her house, so she requested a custom laser piece based on Switzerland and the Swiss flag. Her and her family lived in Switzerland for three years, and she thought it would be fun to have something up that reminded her of that time.

This piece started with a 12″x12″ birch wood panel, which was hand distressed and stained in English Chestnut. The outline of Switzerland was then laser cut out of birch plywood and painted in the style of the Swiss flag. After attaching these together, the result was then finished with a protective gloss coating.

Asian Inspired Pattern Laser Etched Wood Panel

After seeing the laser cutting done for Creme Caramel LA on rice paper for a cake display, my friend requested artwork based on the Asian inspired pattern that was used. I decided to laser etch the pattern on a 10″x10″ wood panel, then paint it with red and gold. Apparently her coworkers were complaining that her new office walls are empty, so hopefully she finds a good spot for this and the red brings her good luck.