Masked Wrestler – Custom Dehara Vinyl Figure

Last Sunday, I attended a Vinyl Figure Painting Workshop with artist Yukinori Dehara at the Giant Robot 2 Gallery in Los Angeles. Dehara current has an exhibit entitled “Nendo Pro Wrestling“, featuring his painted clay figures. During the workshop, the attendees got to choose a small blank vinyl figure to paint. I ended up with a figure I believe is called “Menta” in a neon magenta color. Given the theme of the show, I decided to paint him as masked wrestler. This figure is only 1.5 inches tall, so it was definitely tough to get good detail, so after the workshop, I ended up repainting parts of him and here is the result.

You can check out Dehara’s exhibit now through July 24th at the GR2 Gallery.

[Image: Giant Robot]

Little Cookie – Wood Toy

Ut oh, Look who just got caught stealing a cookie… At last weekend’s Uglycon Event at the Giant Robot 2 Gallery in Los Angeles, I got a lot of praise for passing out wooden cookie pins to other fans in attendance. So I figured I might as well design a cookie inspired toy for this week. I suppose one really can’t blame this Little Cookie guy for wanting a cookie…

Wooden Cookie Pins

Also, just wanted to give a special “Happy Birthday” shout-out to my wife Janice. Love you! =)

Rare Brick – Custom Munny

It’s “MUNNYMUNTH”, and once again Kid Robot is hosting an online customizing challenge. I’ve already entered the few Munnys that I have created this year, but I also wanted to enter another. “Rare Brick” is a combination of a Mini Munny head on a wood body and stands about 4.5″ tall. Check out all the “MUNNYMUNTH” entries on Facebook and vote for my entries if you see them!

Sew Babo – Plush Toy

When Giant Robot and Uglydoll posted about the Sew Babo Project for Uglycon in June, of course I had to partake. Babo is my wife and I’s favorite Uglydoll character and the instructions were simple – sew your own version of plush Babo and send him into Giant Robot by June 1. I’m not too great with sewing, but came up with my version here, which includes wood lasered eyes, mouth, teeth and cookie. You can hopefully check him out (as well as my wife’s Sew Babo) at Uglycon, going down June 15th at Giant Robot in Los Angeles.

Darth OX – Custom Pop Uglydoll

Star Wars Day is tomorrow! To celebrate, this week’s toy is a custom OX Pop Uglydoll with Darth Vader mask.  Who is going to be watching a Star Wars marathon? “May the Forth be with you!”

SuperTed – Custom Pop Uglydoll

Who remembers the 80’s cartoon hero SuperTed? Here is a custom POP Uglydoll Wage figure styled like him.

Stroll – Wood Toy

Spanky Stokes Dotcom is one of the best designer toy blogs out there, so when fans started submitting their own artwork of  the website’s mascot, of course I had to join in. Here my my wood toy version of “Stroll”. You can check out the toy blog at

Hate Bub – Custom Mini Kidrobot Bub

“There’s a thin line between love and hate”… As a complement to last week’s Love Bub, here is the Hate Bub. Dedicated to all of the haters out there.

Love VS Hate… Which side are you on?

Love Bub – Custom Mini Kidrobot Bub

This “Love Bub” was created in honor of Valentine’s Day and dedicated to my lovely wife. =)


Custom 7″ Munny – Swirls

Here is a custom 7″ Munny based around a swirl pattern. The Kidrobot DIY vinyl toy platforms are great for testing out new ideas and styles.

Wooden Toy Prototypes

Here are some photos of the the wooden toy prototypes I have been working on for a little while. Each is around 5″ tall and are created by laser cutting individual pieces of wood, then layering them together by hand, giving them a distinct look. There are four based off of Kid Robot’s Munny character, while one is based off of the Fat Chance Crew’s Pig mascot. The heads are removable so they can turn as well as interchange bodies. Look out for some Limited Edition Numbered figures coming soon to the shop.



Sneakey – Nike Huarache 2K4 – Zoom

Here is “Zoom” another Sneakey, created out of my pair of Nike Huarache 2K4 basketball shoes. When they first arrived on the scene, the Huarache 2K4 had a very distinct look, but still maintained the signature elements of other “Huaraches”. Zoom Air and a carbon fiber plate helped these perform on the court as well. Definitely one of my favorite sneakers to ball in as well as others, evidenced by the various re-releases.