Uglycon 2016

It’s been a while since my last post, but wanted to share my two pieces that are currently on display at at Giant Robot 2 Gallery for Uglycon 2016, featuring artwork inspired by Uglydolls.

“Uglies in Space” features a “wind chime” like feature with the three figures “floating” in their space shuttle (while actually hanging from string with stars below). There is also a rotating Space Babo. It is laser cut and etched out of wood on a wood canvas, then stained. Measures approximately 17″x 24″.

“Bubble Babo” is a hand (and small tools) sculpted wooden toy figure with five points of articulation – the head, arms and wrists rotate. He is inspired by the Uglydoll Babo character and the video game Bubble Bobble. He features laser etching and measures approximately 6″x 8″x 4″.

Uglycon 2016 will be on display at Giant Robot 2 Gallery in West Los Angeles from July 9 – 27th if you want to check it out. Additionally, all available artwork is for sale on the Giant Robot website. While “Uglies in Space” has been purchased, “Bubble Babo” is still available at this time. Here are some more photos of the other artwork:


Uglycon 2014


Uglycon 2014 is happening this Saturday, June 21 at Giant Robot 2 in West Los Angeles. Once again, my wife and I are partaking in the event and submitted our “Sew Ice-Bats” for the show. It’s a  fun day of prizes, games, and activities, all based around Uglydolls. Since I still had leftover material from last year’s Sew Babo figure, I decided to create Ice-Bat in the same style.

Since “Uglycon is Coming”, I also put together a quick fun teaser for the event, which is a mash up of Uglydoll Ice-Bat and  Game of Thrones:

Uglycon is Coming

If you can make it out, look for me, as my Ice-Bat wants to share his Ice Bat Pops with everyone. Just find me on Saturday and say “I’m Batty for Ice Pops!”, for a free wooden Ice Bat Pop Pin (while they last). Hope to see everyone there! =)

Batty Ice Pop



Little Cookie – Wood Toy

Ut oh, Look who just got caught stealing a cookie… At last weekend’s Uglycon Event at the Giant Robot 2 Gallery in Los Angeles, I got a lot of praise for passing out wooden cookie pins to other fans in attendance. So I figured I might as well design a cookie inspired toy for this week. I suppose one really can’t blame this Little Cookie guy for wanting a cookie…

Wooden Cookie Pins

Also, just wanted to give a special “Happy Birthday” shout-out to my wife Janice. Love you! =)

Sew Babo – Plush Toy

When Giant Robot and Uglydoll posted about the Sew Babo Project for Uglycon in June, of course I had to partake. Babo is my wife and I’s favorite Uglydoll character and the instructions were simple – sew your own version of plush Babo and send him into Giant Robot by June 1. I’m not too great with sewing, but came up with my version here, which includes wood lasered eyes, mouth, teeth and cookie. You can hopefully check him out (as well as my wife’s Sew Babo) at Uglycon, going down June 15th at Giant Robot in Los Angeles.