Toto-ring – Anime Inspired Wood Ring

Been creating prototypes of wooden rings with “hungry” characters, so finally released the “Toto-ring”, which is inspired by a popular Japanese anime character. One side is sleepy, while the other side is hungry and “eating” your finger when you wear it.

They are laser cut and etched from cherry hardwood, then hand sanded. Also finished with a polyurethane coating. Each is individually made and unique due to the nature of wood.

You can order one here at the shop.

Catbus Music Box – Wood Toy

A few years ago, my wife purchased a Make Your Own Music Box Kit for me and I had never gotten around to building the actual box, until now. Since the included music strip is the theme song of Hayao Miyazaki’s “My Neighbor Totoro”, I decided on using the Catbus (Neko no basu) as the music box character.  Feed the strip through his side, wind his tail and enjoy the music.