Nike Shox VC – Sneakey

The Nike Shox VC Basketball shoe was the first signature shoe for Vince Carter and one of the first shox based sneakers. Released in 2002, the VC featured a zippered vinyl sheath, full length shox and several different colorways. While creating this Sneakey, it was interesting to see the hidden layers that were under the sheath and all the small details, from one of the most technical and expensive releases at that time. Like a tough baller, the goggles are probably my favorite element of this little guy.


Sneakey – Nike Shox BB4

The Nike Shox BB4 was one of the first shox based basketball sneakers and were actually pretty comfortable on the court.  Released in 2000, these sneakers were famously worn by Vince Carter in the Olympics when he jumped over the 7 foot Frenchman Fredric Weis. Like my other basketball shoes, they eventually wore out, so once again, here was another opportunity to create a  new Sneakey.

Sneakey – Nike Shox ID Elevate

This week’s toy is the newest “Sneakey”, created out of my pair of Nike Shox ID Elevate’s. These Nike ID’s were a birthday present from my friend Bev from years ago and I played a lot of basketball in them. She designed them with the idea of “UCLA colors” (with orange accents) and added the personal touches of my birth month and day, as well as one of my nicknames. What better way to preserve them, than to create another “Sneakey”?