Spikey Stacked – Plexiglass Toy

After developing and producing the Munwood figure, I wanted to explore the “stacked” toy concept with different ideas and came up with this “Spikey” looking figure. Instead of wood, I figured acrylic plexiglass might work as well and this guy stands at around 2.75″ tall. He has interesting texture and look, so I will probably refine him some more and maybe produce some as a limited run. I may even end up molding and resin cast him as well.

Jack-O-Lantern – Wood Toy

Halloween is less than a week away, have you carved your Jack-O-Lanterns yet? Pumpkin carving is a fun and creative activity for all. Instead of carving a real one this year however, here is a wood toy version. He is laser cut from wood, then painted, and stands at just over 4″ tall. Additionally, I created these laser cut plexiglass earrings of “Jack” to commemorate the occasion (available at the shop).

Jack-O-Lantern Earrings

Hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween next week, especially if you go out trick-or-treating!