Cork Dunny – Resin Cast Toy Dunny

After laser cutting and engraving  a few cork sheets for my good friend Freehand Profit, that he is using for his soon-to-be-released Lebron X Cork Sneaker Gas Mask, there were a few scrap cork pieces left over. Having resin cast a not-so-perfect 3″ Dunny, I figured I could use the leftover cork scraps to wrap the Dunny, and this is the result. I ended up engraving in him as well, to add a little extra and chose a medieval theme. It was a bit tricky to get him lined up for the engraving, but worked out pretty well. Maybe I will do a few more of these “Cork Dunnys” in the future.

There’s only a few more weeks left for #weeklytoyproject , what should I do next?

Cherry Micro Munwood Now Available

Cherry Micro Munwood

  • Laser Cut Cherry Hardwood
  • Hand Assembled
  • Approximately 3″ Tall
  • Limited Edition of 12
  • Poly Coated with Satin Finish
  • No Two Exactly the Same
  • Individually Laser Numbered
  • Includes Wooden Header Card / Key Chain

Now available for sale here.

Cherry Micro Munwood For Sale Friday at Noon!

The Cherry Micro Munwood is a designer wood toy based on the popular “Munny” character. Each stands at about 3″ tall and is hand assembled, then poly-coated with a satin finish. Given the nature of wood, each varies a bit and imperfections exist, making each one very unique – no two are exactly the same.
In cherry hardwood, this is a Limited Edition of 12, with each being individually laser numbered. Also comes poly-bagged with a wooden header card / keychain. Please only one per customer.

They will be released for sale this Friday, Nov. 15th 2013 at Noon PST at the shop.

Cherry Micro Munwood Production Release!

Cherry Micro Munwood

Finally finished production on the Cherry Micro Munwood figures for official release next week. Standing about 3″ tall, each is laser cut from cherry hardwood, then hand assembled and poly-coated. Individually numbered and limited edition of 12. Also comes poly-bagged with a wooden header card/keychain. I will bring a few to Designer Con tomorrow, look for me with one on a pendant.

Kracked Kracka – Custom Munny Mini Kracka

This Kid Robot Mini Munny Kracka figure lives up to his name by being extra “Kracked”. Perhaps he’s a distant relative of Humpty Dumpty. Better stay away from sitting on those graffiti walls.


Live Wire – Custom Munny Trikky

A Kidrobot 7″ Munny Trikky is this week’s custom toy. Trikky has been bolted up and had wires attached to him in an attempt to bring him to life, similar to Frankenstein’s Monster. I guess we will see what happens next.

Make sure you keep coming back to check out the latest #weeklytoyproject.

Melded Dunny – Plastic Cast Dunny

My first attempts at molding and casting didn’t turn out that great, but I learned some things and the next attempts should be better. The subject was a 2.5″  Kid Robot Dunny and my molds turned out decent, but I of course had to try the more difficult hand roto-casting method, with an enclosed two part mold. In the initial attempt, either it was too warm or I waited too long to pour the plastic mix, so it hardened too quickly which resulted in only half the cast kinda working out. On the next try, I was trying to move faster, but ended up not mixing the liquid well enough, resulting in the plastic being too runny and most spilling out of the mold. Anyhow, I decided to combine these two “failures” together to create this Melded Dunny.

“Melded Dunny is the result of an unfortunate accident involving the transporter from the movie ‘Space Balls'”.

Cherry Micro Munwood – Wood Toy

If you’ve been following my toy creations, no doubt you have seen this style of wood figure before in a few prototypes and tributes. Here is a micro 3″ wood figure based on the Munny vinyl toy, which I am appropriately calling a “Munwood”. It is created out of cherry hardwood then glazed with a satin finish. Thinking about selling a limited run of these for the future.

Extra Foomied – Custom Munny Foomi

Since its still Munny Month, here is another custom munny. The Foomi character is known for his spikey head, so this one is Extra Foomied out with spikes all over.

Rare Brick – Custom Munny

It’s “MUNNYMUNTH”, and once again Kid Robot is hosting an online customizing challenge. I’ve already entered the few Munnys that I have created this year, but I also wanted to enter another. “Rare Brick” is a combination of a Mini Munny head on a wood body and stands about 4.5″ tall. Check out all the “MUNNYMUNTH” entries on Facebook and vote for my entries if you see them!

Hate Bub – Custom Mini Kidrobot Bub

“There’s a thin line between love and hate”… As a complement to last week’s Love Bub, here is the Hate Bub. Dedicated to all of the haters out there.

Love VS Hate… Which side are you on?

Love Bub – Custom Mini Kidrobot Bub

This “Love Bub” was created in honor of Valentine’s Day and dedicated to my lovely wife. =)