Sneakey – Nike Air Humara

On a hike last year, my pair of Nike Air Humaras started falling apart at the mid sole. It was similar to wearing a pair of flip-flops, but was able to finish the hike anyways. Although they looked in good condition for being over 10 years old, these hiking sneakers had lasted through two trips up Half Done, numerous other hikes, and occasional street wear. It wasn’t too surprising that they were all worn out and done at being sneakers. After a thorough clean up job, it was time to transform them into a Sneakey and this is the result.

Sole Identity #AJ1 – Laser Etched Wood

Is the soul of a sneaker reflected in the sole?

This is #AJ1 in the series of sneaker inspired art, based on the sole of the Jordan Brand sneakers. (Jordan I sole)

Laser etched on wood panel (1.5″ deep profile).
Hand sanded, then finished with a deep chestnut stain and gloss coated.
Due to nature of wood, each one is unique.
Measures 10″x10″ .

Limited Edition of 23. Individually signed and numbered.

Now available at the shop.

Large #23, Diamond, and X Sneaker Lace Locks

Released a few more styles of sneaker lace locks recently. Large #23, Diamond, and X shapes are now available at the shop. They add a fresh new look to your sneakers, especially if you want to stand out from the crowd. Check out the product pages for more detail.

What other styles would you like to see?

#23 Sneaker Lace Locks

Been testing new product ideas and so far, these laser cut sneaker lace locks have been turning out well.

First up, small “#23” lace locks to go with the popular Air Jordan sneaker, available in Red or Black (at the shop). As a fan of sneakers and a semi-retired sneaker collector, I want to create products that will enhance and benefit the sneaker culture/community. Using the #23 to compliment the Jordan Brand is an obvious choice. Here are the locks on my Laser IV’s and Black/Carolina Blue 14’s.

Check back for more designs for Jordan’s and other sneakers in the future.

Nike Air C-Phaze – Sneakey

Its the last week of #weeklytoyproject and I survived the task of creating or customizing a designer toy every week for a year. For this final week, I decided to create another Sneakey and found another old pair of basketball sneakers to work with. The Nike Air C-Phaze was a lower cut basketball shoe that featured visible max air and a huge “MAX” lettering design on the heel that made it very distinct. This colorway of Anthracite / Metallic Silver / Dark Charcoal made for a really nice looking sneaker, and now a cool looking Sneakey.

Be sure to check back on New Year’s Eve for a full recap of the #weeklytoyproject! Hope everyone is having a great holiday week!

Fresh To Death Art Show Recap

The “Fresh To Death” Art Show and Charity Auction opened last Saturday night down in San Diego at Rosewood, a sneaker/skate store and art gallery. I was lucky enough to display the three toy art figures that I created for the show alongside my good friend (and one of the hosts of the show) Gary Lockwood (aka Freehand Profit) and his finance, Betsy Van Deusen. The other artists included in the show were @marsartist, @romtheworld. and @cristobarart, and it was co-hosted by Sneaker Head Confessions. The turnout was great, with different folks coming through all night and was definitely a fun time. Coincidentally, my pieces, entitled “2 Feet Under” (differentiated by “brand” editions), complemented perfectly with Betsy’s amazing oil and watercolor paintings. In addition a toy drive was also held and those, plus the proceeds from the auction will go to the Boys and Girls Club of San Diego. Keep an eye out for the auction, since unfortunately, there are a few issues at hand. Check out the following statement from Gary:

12/16/2013: IMPORTANT UPDATE: Due to eBay’s required shipping & handling turnaround the auctions must be held closer to the end of the show. This will also give time for the Boys and Girls Club of Greater San Diego to register with eBay’s Giving Works so that 100% of the proceeds goes directly to the charity. Thanks for your patience and understanding as we reconfigure the charity art auction.

Thanks to everyone that made it out the opening night. If you are in San Diego, the show runs through January, so be sure to stop by and check out all the art in person.

Adidas Coffin Shoebox – Wood Toy

On Dec. 14, 2013, “Fresh To Death”, a group art show and charity auction event, is opening at the sneaker shop Rosewood San Diego. My good friend Gary (aka Freehand Profit) is one of the hosts, and when he asked me to partake, I gladly accepted. With the theme in mind and my #weeklytoyproject still going strong, I decided to create three “coffin shoe box” figures for the show.

This “Adidas” Coffin Shoebox was the first one completed and is themed in the style of a classic Adidas shoebox. Each coffin shoebox figure is adorned with matching  “fresh” golden sneakers and they stand at almost 10″ tall. They are laser cut and engraved out of wood, then assembled and painted with a vintage/worn feel. Inside the coffins features a Hawaiian print floral lining, as well air vents on the “top” of them, as they can be filled with potpourri. These both tie into the theme of “Fresh To Death”. They are ready to hang on the wall, as well as being to stand on their feet or on their backs.

If you’re in San Diego (or nearby) make sure you come out to the show to see this figure, as well as the other two, in person. Perhaps there will be additional surprises inside of them as well. Looking forward to seeing all the other artwork from the other great artists there too!

Fresh To Death Art Show
Fresh To Death Art Show


Max 1 Sneakerhead – Wood Toy

Being a fan of sneakers and the sneaker culture, here is the start of a series of “Sneakerhead” toys which will all be a part of the weekly toy project. First up, a tribute to the Nike Air Max 1 classic running shoe. Which other “sneakerhead” characters would you like to see?

In addition, I created a matching wood keychain, that is available at the shop.


Sneakey – Nike Shox ID Elevate

This week’s toy is the newest “Sneakey”, created out of my pair of Nike Shox ID Elevate’s. These Nike ID’s were a birthday present from my friend Bev from years ago and I played a lot of basketball in them. She designed them with the idea of “UCLA colors” (with orange accents) and added the personal touches of my birth month and day, as well as one of my nicknames. What better way to preserve them, than to create another “Sneakey”?

Sneakey – Nike Huarache 2K4 – Zoom

Here is “Zoom” another Sneakey, created out of my pair of Nike Huarache 2K4 basketball shoes. When they first arrived on the scene, the Huarache 2K4 had a very distinct look, but still maintained the signature elements of other “Huaraches”. Zoom Air and a carbon fiber plate helped these perform on the court as well. Definitely one of my favorite sneakers to ball in as well as others, evidenced by the various re-releases.

Sneakey – Nike Air Max Elite – Lito

Sneakey, named “Lito”, created out of a pair of my Nike Air Max Elite basketball sneakers. These were the supposed heir apparent of the Nike Air Force 1’s but have not gained the same following (as of yet?). They featured full max air cushioning and a “monkeypaw” stabilizer.