Uglycon 2014


Uglycon 2014 is happening this Saturday, June 21 at Giant Robot 2 in West Los Angeles. Once again, my wife and I are partaking in the event and submitted our “Sew Ice-Bats” for the show. It’s a  fun day of prizes, games, and activities, all based around Uglydolls. Since I still had leftover material from last year’s Sew Babo figure, I decided to create Ice-Bat in the same style.

Since “Uglycon is Coming”, I also put together a quick fun teaser for the event, which is a mash up of Uglydoll Ice-Bat and  Game of Thrones:

Uglycon is Coming

If you can make it out, look for me, as my Ice-Bat wants to share his Ice Bat Pops with everyone. Just find me on Saturday and say “I’m Batty for Ice Pops!”, for a free wooden Ice Bat Pop Pin (while they last). Hope to see everyone there! =)

Batty Ice Pop



Ice Batman – Custom Pop Uglydoll

As a fan of the Uglydoll series, I was excited to find out that Uglydoll has teamed up with DC Comics to create a crossover line of dolls featuring Babo Superman and Ice Bat Batman. I decided to create my own crossover figure using the Pop Uglydoll Ninja Batty Shogun figure and customize him as Ice Bat Batman for this week’s toy. Check out the great crossover line here  at