CWDL Branded Bronco – Wood Toy

When Jeff Staple of Staple Design (a leader in the streetwear fashion industry) announced a few months ago that he was teaching an online class through Skillshare, I knew that I wanted to partake. I have been following Staple Design for a while, and recall visiting the Reed Space store in New York back in 2004. Since then, they have really exploded in the streetwear scene and are a model of consistency to strive for. The class, entitled “A Staple of Branding: How to Start Your Fashion Company”, was to focus ideally on branding a clothing company, so I figured I could learn some things that would relate here as well as with Leaders of the New. It has been great to watch the class videos and follow the project guidelines as well as receive feedback from other classmates. One of the extra credit deliverables that was assigned, was the digital branding of car, but I decided to take it a step further and build a toy car for #weeklytoyproject. The early Ford Bronco has been a favorite car of mine for a while. I eventually  want to purchase and fix one up (another project that sounds like fun but also a lot of work). Working from a few photos, I designed and created (and branded) this car out of wood with the laser cutter and then assembled it. It does roll, but I would make future modifications to the design to have it roll better. It stands about 5.75″x3″x2.5″ in size.