Dinky Dragon Face Cut-out Stand-up

My friends Tony and Christine commissioned me to design and create a “Face Cut-out Stand-up” (or whatever it is called) for their son Cayden’s First Birthday Party, that occurred on Saturday. Since Cayden was born in the Year of the Dragon, they had a Dragon themed party and requested that the stand-up be based on the character of “Dinky Dragon“, which Cayden has a costume of. After figuring out the design and dimensions, I ended up hand painting the two dragon characters on a sturdy plastic board and assembled the stand-up with a few wood slats, glue, staples, nails, screws and hinges. It was a hit at the party and was fun watching both adults and kids stick their heads in the dragons’ mouths to snap a photo.

Year of the Dragon – Silver Edition

To cap off  the end of the Year of the Dragon, I created a smaller Silver Edition of the “Year of the Dragon” piece from before. This one measures 12″x12″ (instead of 20″x20″) and is also created out of painted engraved and laser cut wood on acrylic on canvas. Stay tuned for “Year of the Snake”.

Year of the Dragon

It has been the “Year of the Dragon” for the Chinese Zodiac since late January, but I finally got around to finishing this piece in commemoration.

Size: 20″x20″

Media: Painted Engraved and Laser cut Wood on Acrylic/Spraypaint on canvas