Cork Dunny – Resin Cast Toy Dunny

After laser cutting and engraving  a few cork sheets for my good friend Freehand Profit, that he is using for his soon-to-be-released Lebron X Cork Sneaker Gas Mask, there were a few scrap cork pieces left over. Having resin cast a not-so-perfect 3″ Dunny, I figured I could use the leftover cork scraps to wrap the Dunny, and this is the result. I ended up engraving in him as well, to add a little extra and chose a medieval theme. It was a bit tricky to get him lined up for the engraving, but worked out pretty well. Maybe I will do a few more of these “Cork Dunnys” in the future.

There’s only a few more weeks left for #weeklytoyproject , what should I do next?


Spikey Stacked – Plexiglass Toy

After developing and producing the Munwood figure, I wanted to explore the “stacked” toy concept with different ideas and came up with this “Spikey” looking figure. Instead of wood, I figured acrylic plexiglass might work as well and this guy stands at around 2.75″ tall. He has interesting texture and look, so I will probably refine him some more and maybe produce some as a limited run. I may even end up molding and resin cast him as well.

Cherry Micro Munwood Now Available

Cherry Micro Munwood

  • Laser Cut Cherry Hardwood
  • Hand Assembled
  • Approximately 3″ Tall
  • Limited Edition of 12
  • Poly Coated with Satin Finish
  • No Two Exactly the Same
  • Individually Laser Numbered
  • Includes Wooden Header Card / Key Chain

Now available for sale here.

Cherry Micro Munwood For Sale Friday at Noon!

The Cherry Micro Munwood is a designer wood toy based on the popular “Munny” character. Each stands at about 3″ tall and is hand assembled, then poly-coated with a satin finish. Given the nature of wood, each varies a bit and imperfections exist, making each one very unique – no two are exactly the same.
In cherry hardwood, this is a Limited Edition of 12, with each being individually laser numbered. Also comes poly-bagged with a wooden header card / keychain. Please only one per customer.

They will be released for sale this Friday, Nov. 15th 2013 at Noon PST at the shop.

Cherry Micro Munwood Production Release!

Cherry Micro Munwood

Finally finished production on the Cherry Micro Munwood figures for official release next week. Standing about 3″ tall, each is laser cut from cherry hardwood, then hand assembled and poly-coated. Individually numbered and limited edition of 12. Also comes poly-bagged with a wooden header card/keychain. I will bring a few to Designer Con tomorrow, look for me with one on a pendant.

Zombie Bruce – Resin Cast Toy

While I’m still practicing with molding and casting toys, I had planned on producing a clear resin perfect copy of a “Bruce Lee” toy figure that I had. However, after producing a decent looking mold, I was unable to successfully create a perfect copy, with parts of his arms and face missing (most likely due to air bubbles), as well as the resin not looking perfectly clear. I probably need more practice, plus may need to purchase different casting materials and tools. Anyways, given the results, these miscasts are actually great for painting him as a zombie version (anyone else a fan of “The Walking Dead”?), so I altered one a bit more and went to it. Hopefully no one finds offense to this, as I am a big Bruce Lee fan and mean no disrespect to him or his family. I’m sure this is one zombie that you would definitely not want to run into, as he probably would be strong and quick, even in his decayed state.

Here’s a shot of the original toy as well as a few other miscasts (2.5″ tall). Perhaps I will create a series of Zombie Bruces and put them up for sale in the future. Just gotta think of a catchy name… “The Kicking Dead”?

Anyone going to Designer Con this weekend in Pasadena? I’ll probably be there on Sunday morning checking out all the new cool toys and art.

Bruce Lee toy and miscasts

Dia de Los Muertos Doll – Clay Toy

To celebrate the festivities of “Dia de Los Muertos” (Day of the Dead), here is a Skeleton Doll sculpted out of clay, then painted. Standing about 5″ tall, he actually turned out looking more like a professional wrestler, and this actually would be a cool costume for a Lucha Libre.

I’ll probably be stopping by the Downtown Dia de los Muertos celebration in DTLA at Grand Park on Saturday. The event starts at 3pm and features “altars, food trucks, free face-painting, awesome bands, and full bar en el centro de Los Ángeles!” Come by if you are free!

Jack-O-Lantern – Wood Toy

Halloween is less than a week away, have you carved your Jack-O-Lanterns yet? Pumpkin carving is a fun and creative activity for all. Instead of carving a real one this year however, here is a wood toy version. He is laser cut from wood, then painted, and stands at just over 4″ tall. Additionally, I created these laser cut plexiglass earrings of “Jack” to commemorate the occasion (available at the shop).

Jack-O-Lantern Earrings

Hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween next week, especially if you go out trick-or-treating!

Warrior A – Acrylic Toy

Thanks to my good friend Gary (Freehand Profit) requesting some custom laser acrylic work, I finally got around to  lasering the acrylic sheets that I had ordered a while ago. I have been experimenting with creating these “Futuristic Warrior” faces with painted laser cut paper, which I had also thought could work as toys, so thought I would try it out with the acrylic material. “Warrior A” was created out of transparent smoke and white acrylic material, and stands at about 3.25″ tall. Check out the original and more colorful framed paper cut version of Warrior A’s face below (5″x7″). For the toy version, using the white behind the transparent smoke created an almost “skull-like” appearance, which I might experiment with more in the future, as I develop these figures.

Android – Wood Toy

The Google Android platform is a very popular mobile phone operating system and a few years ago, a vinyl toy was created to bring the mascot to life. They have created him in a multitude of colors and styles, featuring many great artists. I decided to create this wood version of the Android figure in walnut, standing at about 3″ tall for #weeklytoyproject.

Kracked Kracka – Custom Munny Mini Kracka

This Kid Robot Mini Munny Kracka figure lives up to his name by being extra “Kracked”. Perhaps he’s a distant relative of Humpty Dumpty. Better stay away from sitting on those graffiti walls.


Kippu – Wood Toy

Interested in taking a tour of Japan? My friends Lanny and Evan run PacSet Tours, which features affordable tours to Japan, with a multitude of themes. Their mascot is a cute and friendly flying fox named Kippu. This past year, they successfully funded an Indiegogo project to develop a plush doll version of Kippu. I figured a wooden toy version would work as well. Wood Kippu stands at 3.5″ tall and is laser cut out of three different types of wood – cherry, maple and walnut. Instead of painting him like previous wood toys, I wanted to explore using different woods to create the Kip’s various colors. I also created a couple of Kip keychains for them as well.

Kip Keychains
Kip Keychains