Friday the 13th Jason – Custom Pop Uglydoll Wage

Admittedly, I am not a fan of horror movies, but with today being Friday the 13th, I figured I would customize a vinyl toy Pop Uglydoll Wage figure with a Jason Hockey Mask a la the Friday the 13th movies. Here is a very bloody “Jason Wage” with machete, who must have just come from a killing spree. Stay safe out there everyone! Don’t let a black cat cross your path, break any mirrors, or etc…

Masked Wrestler – Custom Dehara Vinyl Figure

Last Sunday, I attended a Vinyl Figure Painting Workshop with artist Yukinori Dehara at the Giant Robot 2 Gallery in Los Angeles. Dehara current has an exhibit entitled “Nendo Pro Wrestling“, featuring his painted clay figures. During the workshop, the attendees got to choose a small blank vinyl figure to paint. I ended up with a figure I believe is called “Menta” in a neon magenta color. Given the theme of the show, I decided to paint him as masked wrestler. This figure is only 1.5 inches tall, so it was definitely tough to get good detail, so after the workshop, I ended up repainting parts of him and here is the result.

You can check out Dehara’s exhibit now through July 24th at the GR2 Gallery.

[Image: Giant Robot]