Nike Coffin Shoebox – Wood Toy

In case you can’t make it to the “Fresh To Death” Art Show tomorrow at Rosewood San Diego, here  is the reveal of the 2nd Coffin Shoebox Wood Toy that will be on display there.

This one is fashioned after the classic Nike sneaker box, features the Nike Air Max 90 on it’s feet, and has all the specifications of the Adidas themed one:

Each coffin shoebox figure is adored with matching “fresh” golden sneakers and they stand at almost 10″ tall. They are laser cut and engraved out of wood, then assembled and painted with a vintage/worn feel. Inside the coffins features a Hawaiian print floral lining, as well air vents on the “top” of them, as they can be filled with potpourri. These both tie into the theme of “Fresh To Death”. They are ready to hang on the wall, as well as being to stand on their feet or on their backs.

“Fresh To Death” is only one day away, so try to make it out there and be sure to look for the hidden surprise inside each coffin. The event starts at 7pm, so get there early, since you will want to participate in the charity art auction and holiday toy drive, which benefits the Boys and Girls Club of San Diego!

Fresh To Death Art Show
,  Fresh To Death Art Show

Cork Dunny – Resin Cast Toy Dunny

After laser cutting and engraving  a few cork sheets for my good friend Freehand Profit, that he is using for his soon-to-be-released Lebron X Cork Sneaker Gas Mask, there were a few scrap cork pieces left over. Having resin cast a not-so-perfect 3″ Dunny, I figured I could use the leftover cork scraps to wrap the Dunny, and this is the result. I ended up engraving in him as well, to add a little extra and chose a medieval theme. It was a bit tricky to get him lined up for the engraving, but worked out pretty well. Maybe I will do a few more of these “Cork Dunnys” in the future.

There’s only a few more weeks left for #weeklytoyproject , what should I do next?

Live Wire – Custom Munny Trikky

A Kidrobot 7″ Munny Trikky is this week’s custom toy. Trikky has been bolted up and had wires attached to him in an attempt to bring him to life, similar to Frankenstein’s Monster. I guess we will see what happens next.

Make sure you keep coming back to check out the latest #weeklytoyproject.

Love Bub – Custom Mini Kidrobot Bub

This “Love Bub” was created in honor of Valentine’s Day and dedicated to my lovely wife. =)