Wooden Business Card Holder

Here is a standard business card holder, laser crafted from cherry hardwood and hand finished. Although a simple design, laser engraving can be added to each side to give it extra details and styling. It also is easily disassembled for flat storage/transport.

Switzerland Flag Wood Panel


My wife’s cousin wanted some new artwork for her house, so she requested a custom laser piece based on Switzerland and the Swiss flag. Her and her family lived in Switzerland for three years, and she thought it would be fun to have something up that reminded her of that time.

This piece started with a 12″x12″ birch wood panel, which was hand distressed and stained in English Chestnut. The outline of Switzerland was then laser cut out of birch plywood and painted in the style of the Swiss flag. After attaching these together, the result was then finished with a protective gloss coating.

Holiday 2014 Laser Cut Wood Ornaments

Here are some holiday ornaments that I designed and produced in December 2014. One is a kid’s name design and the other a design based on the Golden Gate Bridge. Both are about 3″ round in size and were laser cut out of popular wood. They turned out great for hanging on the Christmas tree.

Big Boss Robot Wood Key Chains for Giant Robot

Having been a fan of Giant Robot for a long time, I was excited when asked to produce some Big Boss Robot key chains. Even more thrilled that the key chains are showcased as a San Diego Comic-Con 2014 exclusive. Only two dozen of these key chains were laser cut from alder wood, and feature a laser engraved Big Boss Robot head. If you are heading out to Comic-Con, visit the Giant Robot booth #1729 and check out the other cool exclusives there as well.

Giant Robot Comic Con Exclusive 2014

Toto-ring – Anime Inspired Wood Ring

Been creating prototypes of wooden rings with “hungry” characters, so finally released the “Toto-ring”, which is inspired by a popular Japanese anime character. One side is sleepy, while the other side is hungry and “eating” your finger when you wear it.

They are laser cut and etched from cherry hardwood, then hand sanded. Also finished with a polyurethane coating. Each is individually made and unique due to the nature of wood.

You can order one here at the shop.

Asian Inspired Pattern Laser Etched Wood Panel

After seeing the laser cutting done for Creme Caramel LA on rice paper for a cake display, my friend requested artwork based on the Asian inspired pattern that was used. I decided to laser etch the pattern on a 10″x10″ wood panel, then paint it with red and gold. Apparently her coworkers were complaining that her new office walls are empty, so hopefully she finds a good spot for this and the red brings her good luck.

Valentine’s Day Heart Dunny

A very Happy Valentine’s Day to my lovely wife. For putting up with me, I decided to create and give her this “Heart Dunny” out of wood with matching “Heart Card”. This little guy is laser cut out of maple hardwood, hand assembled, painted, and stands about 3″ tall. Bonus #weeklytoyproject for those keeping track. Have a great President’s holiday weekend!

Year of the Snake – Silver Edition

The “Year of the Snake” in the Lunar New Year is coming to an end, and to cap off the occasion, here is the Silver Edition as a companion piece to the previously created Gold Edition. Measuring 12″x12″, it is also painted laser cut and engraved wood on painted canvas. The “Year of the Horse” is coming soon!

Minion #2 – Wood Toy

Just when you thought it was over, here’s a bonus #weeklytoyproject!

When one of my friends requested a wooden minion for herself, I created this little guy. If the other minion was “Stuart“, I guess this one is “Phil” (or is the other one Phil and this one Stuart?). Nevertheless,  Phil’s a bit sillier than Stuart since he’s got the middle part hairstyle going, a wagging tongue, and is also holding a daffodil flower. Similarly, he was laser cut from wood, then hand assembled and painted, and stands about 3.5″ tall. I have still yet to watch Despicable Me 2, but will hopefully catch it on DVD soon.

Stuart and Phil were able to meet up before Phil departed for his new home, and lots of laughter ensued. Should I create a series of “Woodions” as a production release?

Weekly Toy Project 2013 Review

Weekly Toy Project Review

The end of 2013 caps off the success of the #weeklytoyproject. I completed the project of creating or customizing a designer toy every week for a year. In all, I created 27 wood figures, customized 12 vinyl toys, created 7 Sneakeys,  sewed 1 plush, molded 1 clay figure, assembled 2 plexiglass toys,  and molded and casted 3 resin figures, for a total of 53 official #weeklytoyproject toys (1 bonus).  I also released a limited run of the wooden “Cherry Micro Munwood” figure (still a few available here) and have plans to release other different figures as well. The laser cutter was a big help in creating all the wood figures, as I keep refining my laser cutting skills. I also was able to work on my painting skills and explore some different techniques. Furthermore, I learned a lot about resin casting and molding, which is really cool but seems tough to master. Although the project is over,  I will continue to keep my creative juices flowing, create new and better things, and am definitely looking forward to what 2014 has in store.

Which #weeklytoyproject was your favorite?


Olaf Snowman – Wood Toy

Since it’s snow season, I wanted to make a wooden snowman toy and figured the snowman character Olaf from the Disney movie “Frozen” would be fun to create. Although I haven’t seen the movie yet, the snowman seems like a funny and animated little dude. This toy version stands about 3″ tall and is laser cut out of maple wood and painted. He has little “twig” arms that are able to articulate as well. Hope every is having a Happy Holidays! There’s only one more week left of #weeklytoyproject, so stay tuned! Hard to believe another year has flown by so fast.

Jordan Coffin Shoebox – Wood Toy

If you weren’t able to make it out to the “Fresh To Death” art show this past Saturday night down in San Diego at Rosewood, here are photos of the third coffin shoebox wood toy that was created for the event. This toy is styled like a Jordan Brand sneaker box and is wearing a pair of gold Jordan IV’s. It also has the same specs as the other two.

Each coffin shoebox figure is adored with matching “fresh” golden sneakers and they stand at almost 10″ tall. They are laser cut and engraved out of wood, then assembled and painted with a vintage/worn feel. Inside the coffins features a Hawaiian print floral lining, as well air vents on the “top” of them, as they can be filled with potpourri. These both tie into the theme of “Fresh To Death”. They are ready to hang on the wall, as well as being to stand on their feet or on their backs.

If you were at the show, you saw the full display, which includes matching skeletons and potpourri flowers inside the coffins. Furthermore, each of these pieces are entitled “2 Feet Under”, and are editioned by their “brand”. Here are some pics of all three together as well as the skeleton surprises:

This turned out to be a BONUS #weeklytoyproject, since I finished this last week and it was revealed over the weekend. Look out for a recap and photos of the “Fresh To Death” art show this week.