Joanne & Ed Jewelry Box

A few weeks ago, my wife attended a bridal shower for one of her good friends who’s wedding is right around the corner. For a gift, she thought I could create a custom jewelry box and suggested an elephant theme (because of the bride’s love of elephants). Up for the challenge, I came up with this design, which measures about 5″x3″x3″ and includes the couple’s initials laser engraved of an elephant drawing, in cherry wood.

1st Anniversary Laser Cut Framed Paper Design

My wife Janice and I celebrated our 1st Anniversary last month and as a gift I created this framed laser cut artwork for her, but just getting around to posting about it now. The 1st Anniversary is known as the “Paper Anniversary” and one is supposed to give a “paper gift”, so I figured I would try out a new style and utilize the laser cutter. We still had some extra invitation sets, so I recycled them in this piece as the “paper”. For the design, I used our wedding CJ logo (look closely and you can see a C and J within the middle section) as well as some gear symbols that we used(6 points, 9 points, 12 points to symbolize the date 06/09/12), all intertwined with connecting rings and lines in three layers. I also created the frame to place the paper in using plywood and plexiglass and etched our names and design on it as well.

Creating this has inspired some other ideas, so I have been working on a couple other things of similar style. Stay tuned for those.

Catbus Music Box – Wood Toy

A few years ago, my wife purchased a Make Your Own Music Box Kit for me and I had never gotten around to building the actual box, until now. Since the included music strip is the theme song of Hayao Miyazaki’s “My Neighbor Totoro”, I decided on using the Catbus (Neko no basu) as the music box character.  Feed the strip through his side, wind his tail and enjoy the music.

New Geometric Shape 3D Earrings

Created some new geometric shape 3D earrings with some new walnut wood that I got in. Will probably make some other shapes as I figure out what other ones will look interesting. Available now online at the shop.

A Mobile for Parker

Here are some pics of the baby mobile I created for baby Parker, the son of my good friends Hilton and May Lynn. The mobile has a bunch of random items on it (some requested), such as dinosaurs, a robot, a tomato, a UFO, Spiderman, the Leader of the New logo, letters spelling out “Parker”, and more. Each item was laser cut from wood then hand painted, and then attached to mobile contraption that painted and assembled. On first look, Parker was mesmerized. Hopefully he enjoys it, and all the colors and craziness doesn’t give him a little headache. =)

Max 1 Sneakerhead – Wood Toy

Being a fan of sneakers and the sneaker culture, here is the start of a series of “Sneakerhead” toys which will all be a part of the weekly toy project. First up, a tribute to the Nike Air Max 1 classic running shoe. Which other “sneakerhead” characters would you like to see?

In addition, I created a matching wood keychain, that is available at the shop.


Year of the Snake

To celebrate the new Lunar New Year, here is “Year of the Snake”.


Painted laser cut and engraved wood on painted canvas.


Year of the Dragon – Silver Edition

To cap off  the end of the Year of the Dragon, I created a smaller Silver Edition of the “Year of the Dragon” piece from before. This one measures 12″x12″ (instead of 20″x20″) and is also created out of painted engraved and laser cut wood on acrylic on canvas. Stay tuned for “Year of the Snake”.

Bones Wood Pendant

Mini skateboard pendant with an etched skull design inspired by a certain brand that was popular in the 80’s.

Size: 3″x1″

Material: Birch Plywood

Available now in the Caliwood Design Lab shop.

Nancy/Ryan Wood Earrings

Custom Nancy/Ryan earrings for Nancy W., based on custom “Leaf Wedding Logo”.

Material: Birch Plywood

Size: 1.6″x2.25″

Moth Industries Earrings and Zipper Pull

Custom designed for Yadi M. for her company Moth Industries.

Earrings: Size – 1″x2.25″, Material – Birch Plywood

Zipper Pull: Size – 1″x2.25″, Material – Birch Plywood (reverse engraving)

MR Wood Earrings

Custom laser cut earrings for Maria R.

Size: 2″x2″

Material: Birch Plywood