Sneakeys – BAPE KAWS Edition – Donny

Here’s the 2nd “Sneakey”, created out of a replica pair of BAPE KAWS Edition sneakers. I have decided to name these guys as well, so his name is “Donny”. Bonus points if you can figure out where he got his name from. The name of the first Sneakey is “Meelo“. Donny and Meelo can currently be seen on exhibit at LA SpaceLUNA.

Sneakeys – BAPE Edition 1 – Meelo

Inspired by my friend Freehand Profit’s work of using sneakers as the base material to create masks, I wanted to create an actual figure out of a pair of sneakers, since I am a fan of the vinyl toy scene. I came across this replica pair of Bape sneakers and figured they would be perfect to use in my initial attempt. I am naming these characters “Sneakeys”. Here is the Bape Edition 1, named “Meelo”.