Zombie Bruce (Series 1) – The Kicking Dead – Toy Release


The “Zombie Apocalypse” is in full effect, wreaking havoc to communities across the globe. To combat the brain-crazed walkers that are attacking the dwindling population, a mad scientist formulates a plan to create an undead army of his own. Having formulated a cloning process from prior years of research, his plan is to create indestructible zombie clones of legendary heroes from across the ages, sending them into battle. Procuring a prop from a kung fu movie, the scientist is luckily able to extract the DNA he needs for his first trials. “Zombie Bruce” is born and here to protect the world (and kick the crap out of deranged zombies)!

“Zombie Bruce” (Series 1) – The Kicking Dead

-Hand cast in resin, then individually modified and hand painted. Each is unique.

-Limited edition of 12.

-Stands approximately 2.75″ tall.

-Poly-bagged with individually numbered and signed header card.

-Blind bagged before randomly shipped.

Available at the shop here.

*”Zombie Bruce” is a work of parody/satire. I have the utmost respect for Mr. Lee, and create this as a tribute to his undying spirit.

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