Weekly Toy Project 2013 Review

Weekly Toy Project Review

The end of 2013 caps off the success of the #weeklytoyproject. I completed the project of creating or customizing a designer toy every week for a year. In all, I created 27 wood figures, customized 12 vinyl toys, created 7 Sneakeys,  sewed 1 plush, molded 1 clay figure, assembled 2 plexiglass toys,  and molded and casted 3 resin figures, for a total of 53 official #weeklytoyproject toys (1 bonus).  I also released a limited run of the wooden “Cherry Micro Munwood” figure (still a few available here) and have plans to release other different figures as well. The laser cutter was a big help in creating all the wood figures, as I keep refining my laser cutting skills. I also was able to work on my painting skills and explore some different techniques. Furthermore, I learned a lot about resin casting and molding, which is really cool but seems tough to master. Although the project is over,  I will continue to keep my creative juices flowing, create new and better things, and am definitely looking forward to what 2014 has in store.

Which #weeklytoyproject was your favorite?


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