Zombie Bruce - Resin Cast Toy

Zombie Bruce – Resin Cast Toy

While I’m still practicing with molding and casting toys, I had planned on producing a clear resin perfect copy of a “Bruce Lee” toy figure that I had. However, after producing a decent looking mold, I was unable to successfully create a perfect copy, with parts of his arms and face missing (most likely due to air bubbles), as well as the resin not looking perfectly clear. I probably need more practice, plus may need to purchase different casting materials and tools. Anyways, given the results, these miscasts are actually great for painting him as a zombie version (anyone else a fan of “The Walking Dead”?), so I altered one a bit more and went to it. Hopefully no one finds offense to this, as I am a big Bruce Lee fan and mean no disrespect to him or his family. I’m sure this is one zombie that you would definitely not want to run into, as he probably would be strong and quick, even in his decayed state.

Here’s a shot of the original toy as well as a few other miscasts (2.5″ tall). Perhaps I will create a series of Zombie Bruces and put them up for sale in the future. Just gotta think of a catchy name… “The Kicking Dead”?

Anyone going to Designer Con this weekend in Pasadena? I’ll probably be there on Sunday morning checking out all the new cool toys and art.

Bruce Lee toy and miscasts

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