Melded Dunny – Plastic Cast Dunny

My first attempts at molding and casting didn’t turn out that great, but I learned some things and the next attempts should be better. The subject was a 2.5″  Kid Robot Dunny and my molds turned out decent, but I of course had to try the more difficult hand roto-casting method, with an enclosed two part mold. In the initial attempt, either it was too warm or I waited too long to pour the plastic mix, so it hardened too quickly which resulted in only half the cast kinda working out. On the next try, I was trying to move faster, but ended up not mixing the liquid well enough, resulting in the plastic being too runny and most spilling out of the mold. Anyhow, I decided to combine these two “failures” together to create this Melded Dunny.

“Melded Dunny is the result of an unfortunate accident involving the transporter from the movie ‘Space Balls'”.

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