1st Anniversary Laser Cut Framed Paper Design

My wife Janice and I celebrated our 1st Anniversary last month and as a gift I created this framed laser cut artwork for her, but just getting around to posting about it now. The 1st Anniversary is known as the “Paper Anniversary” and one is supposed to give a “paper gift”, so I figured I would try out a new style and utilize the laser cutter. We still had some extra invitation sets, so I recycled them in this piece as the “paper”. For the design, I used our wedding CJ logo (look closely and you can see a C and J within the middle section) as well as some gear symbols that we used(6 points, 9 points, 12 points to symbolize the date 06/09/12), all intertwined with connecting rings and lines in three layers. I also created the frame to place the paper in using plywood and plexiglass and etched our names and design on it as well.

Creating this has inspired some other ideas, so I have been working on a couple other things of similar style. Stay tuned for those.

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