Crème Caramel LA x Caliwood Design Lab

Having created a few of my wooden toy prototypes, I wanted to try creating other toy figures. My friends Kristine and Sean own a dessert company called “Crème Caramel LA“, and they make the absolute best Crème Caramel (Chilled French custard) and Hot Bread Pudding. They also have a cute little mascot named “Dapper”.

Dapper was a perfect candidate for being made into a toy, so I figured I would give it a shot and surprise them. I was able to use a few old techniques as well as try out some new ones to get him looking right. Since Crème Caramel’s color scheme is black and white, of course I had to paint “Wooden Dapper” in black and white as well. Here is how he turned out:

Kristine and Sean liked “Wooden Dapper” so much, that they named a bread pudding in my honor. Awesome!

You can try “Charlton’s Chocolate Chip Croissant” Bread Pudding and other tasty desserts this Sunday at the Melrose Farmer’s Market. If you miss this Sunday, check out Crème Caramel LA’s Blog  to find out where they will be next. You will definitely want to taste their wonderful creations.

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